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Born just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, Lou Armagno has taken up the challenge of writing with his first non-fiction book; a decades-long collection of the original aphorisms of fictional Detective Charlie Chan penned by Ohio Author Earl Derr Biggers.

Lou grew up in a rural area outside of Cleveland, Ohio. His passion for mystery fiction took hold in high school, where he was hooked after reading his first Sherlock Holmes novel. Following school, a 40-year trek with the U.S. Air Force took him around the globe. He lived abroad the majority of those years in several countries, including Taiwan, Germany, and Japan. And as a military postal inspector he visited a multitude of locations throughout Europe and the Far East. The final 16 years of his career, though, were spent in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he began researching the very streets and locations author Earl Derr Biggers first placed his character and set many of the scenes for his six Chan novels. Lou has been a postman, a stained glass craftsman, a jazz singer, and currently resides—once again—just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. He plans to continue his research and writing on all things related to one of America's first legendary fictional detectives—Charlie Chan.